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    Painful Skin Loss

      I spent the last couple of years putting together documentation in X5 complete with a nice corporate skin for everything and Javascript that shows what topic you are on. Well the new guy in charge of maintaining this stuff doesn't know RH at all (I didn't either but I got training and learned) somehow managed to mangle the skin (it looks right in preview but not at all like it does when compiled. The Javascript isn't working and the DHTML effects don't either but the skin loss is what's hurting the most. Any suggestion. I have all the old files backed up. Should I import the skin from the old folder or what.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Take a full copy of your project first before anything else gets messed up. Then try the import as then it can do no harm and you can try anything else knowing you can return to where you are at the moment.

          If you generate / publish to a different location, is that also mangled?

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            mballai Level 1
            What we are getting is what looks like RoboHelp with tabs. The top bar with browse sequence and search window in the right is gone. I tried an alternative skin and it does the same thing. The TOC area looks like it should.
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi mballai

              Hopefully Peter won't mind my offering a bit of an assist here. I think it's past his bedtime. 11:20 PM or so.

              What you are describing sounds suspiciously as if a different setting was selected during the WebHelp generation process. Specifically, I would look at the following:

              Expand the Single Source Layouts pseudo folder
              Right-click the WebHelp layout and select Properties from the context menu
              Make sure the Section 508 Compliant Output check box is NOT selected - This one for sure will kill skins
              Also make sure the "Select Skin" drop-down does NOT list (Traditional style - no skin)

              Cheers... Rick
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                mballai Level 1
                Well nothing I can see indicates anything amiss. The only thing that appears to be out of place is that the machine was upgraded to XP SP2 in December and no RH patch was applied as the user doesn't have admin rights to do anything to the machine. This might explain the other goofy behavior as well. Does that sound plausible. We can have the Help Desk apply the patch if that would work.
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  After installing XP SP2 it is often necessary to uninstall and reinstall RH. Remember that must be done with the user's logon with admin rights attached at the time.

                  If that upsets your IT guys, point them to the topic on my site about reinstalling. That usually keeps them happy.

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                    mballai Level 1
                    The dastardly culprit appears to be a default IE option doesn't have checked post SP2. "Allow active content to run in files in My Computer" All is now right with the world.
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                      Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                      Hi mballai

                      Perhaps the following article may help: Click here to read the article.

                      Cheers... Rick