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    unable to use, edit (modify) imported 3D Composition (compositions) as they are flat in main Comp.

    Bobs your uncle

      Hi everyone.


      need your help please.


      as I have been working in totally different After Effects Compositions thinking it would be better (cleaner work area) not that it is time to put the pieces together I have found that my 3D extruded shape layers are flat and not offering 3D.


      This has happened with 3D Text as well. I have tried parenting the imported 3D compositions but that did not accomplish anything.


      I hope I have given enough information to help you understand the issue.


      as an example I produced a 3D text layer of the letter "D" ......extruded it and made it the main support for a Widescreen monitor. added all the belles and whistles , rotated and it looks great.

      However it will not open as 3D nor any extrusion editing features.


      any help would be really appreciate.


      best regards,


      Bob Joynt