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    Why are Adobe scripting docs like for Illustrator vague on Applescript's file open?

    man9ar00 Level 1

      From the Adobe scripting reference for Applescript, for Illustrator (I believe is same for other products too), I see code example snippets like:


      on openFile(fileToOpen)

          tell application "Adobe Illustrator"


              open POSIX file fileToOpen as alias with options

          end tell

      end openFile


      Why does it leave us to figure out the (string) value of fileToOpen? Understandable that that is Applescript specific, but that is more work for those of us not familiar with Applescript to do more research.


      Is "as alias" really needed? I'm having trouble with this. Omitting "as alias" gets Applescript error: "Adobe Illustrator got an error: AppleEvent handler failed." Keeping "as alias" results error saying it can't create alias to the path, which for some reason looks like it's formatted as Applescript path even though specified as POSIX (e.g. ":~:Documents:Temp:someFile.ai" instead of "~/Documents/Temp/someFile.ai").


      Tried the straightforward example


      open POSIX file "~/Documents/Temp/someFile.ai"


      as well as


      set pfile to "~/Documents/Temp/someFile.ai" as POSIX file

      open pfile without options


      set pfilepath to "~/Documents/Temp/someFile.ai"

      set pfile to POSIX file pfilepath

      open pfile as alias without options


      nothing seems to work so far. Such a pain.