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    I can not install flash player from Adobe web site

    i am athome

      Hi everyone did some searching on how to fix my problem an came up with a answer. When you start to download the flash player, it asks if you want Optional offers, I unchecked both and then clicked the install now button, it starts to begin but then it just hangs on step 2. Waiting forever to see if it will start. But it does not. Lots of problems other people are having trying to install flash player, with 1 to a dozen different answers, and for me at least none of them worked. So here is the answer to my problem I hope it helps others with similar disappointments. Go to TOOLS - TURN OFF POP UP BLOCKER, now go an install the flash player. This worked for me, I'm sure I can't be the only person with this problem or better yet frustration. Such an easy over site on my part, but it was driving me crazy. Now go and have a great day!