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    karliekate Level 1

      I am getting extremely frustrated. I have borrowed books from the library and can't get them to pop up in digital editions. I get this message every time: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER


      I have read NUMEROUS discussions and I have unauthorized, numerous times, restarted, reinstalled, I've tried everything. I tried to chat with adobe, and it will never work! They are extremely hard to contact.


      I have a mac. When I unauthorized, I've tried going here: /Users//Library/Application Support/Adobe/Digital Editions as it states here When cmd+shift+d does not work on a mac, here's what to do.

      I don't have a digital editions folder. I have tried everything on this page.


      A while ago, I got a new e-reader and I made a new adobe account (i think) because my old one was attached to my college email that I no longer have access to. I am not sure if this is part of the problem.


      Thanks y'all.

          Orpheus2000 Level 1

          I have just encountered the same problem and all the same frustrations as karliekate, except that I haven't got a new eReader.  I just use my PC, so I don't know what might have caused this.  The Adobe Help (!!) pages say to contact the eBook provide (the library) whose site says contact Adobe, although it should be well known by now that software producers like Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and many others are completely indifferent to their customers' problems.

            rebekak1942102 Level 1

            I get the same problem on my surface. I REALLY REALLY need to download a book for and exam tomorrow at 8:30 am and have been trying for a week to get help from Adobe, and have gotten nothing useful. But you can link multiple Adobe accounts and maybe that will help? Good luck!

              richardd14220663 Level 1

              Actually karl... I found them fairly easy to contact but it won't do us any good - here is my chat transcript:



              Sohail: Hi Richard
              Richard Deegan: hi
              Richard Deegan: leaving room for a secc
              Richard Deegan: back
              Sohail: I understand you are unable to use e-reader
              Richard Deegan: digital editions - is that the same as what you call e-reader?
              Sohail: Yes Richard
              Richard Deegan: ok, did you read the error message i sent? if not i'll send it again.
              Sohail: Yes Richard, since you are having issue with digital edition, please be online while I transfer the chat while I transfer the chat to the relevant team who will assist you in resolving the issue.
              Richard Deegan: tyvm!
              info: Please wait while we connect you to a representative.
              info: You are now chatting with 'Sangeeta'
              Richard Deegan: ok
              Sangeeta: Hello! Welcome to Adobe support.
              Sangeeta: Please allow me 1-2 minute(s) to review your account details.
              Richard Deegan: should i send you the error message i'm getting?
              Sangeeta: i apologize for this issue you need to contact forums.adobe.com


              In addition to your error I also get:





              Adobe isn't going to help.  I think the hope lies with the library staff(s) and the organizations like OverDrive which handle, presumably, the functional operations of the libraries' e-book lending systems.


              My local library is sincerely looking into the problem. Given their attitude and IT capabilities I do expect that they will offer me a solution, but it's going to take awhile.  mckimrick@gmail.com