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    ePubs not playing video; formatting for 10" android

    BLUDVLZ13 Level 1

      Pulling my hair out here regarding fixed ePubs. I have created my document in InDesign CC (2014) and exported to fixed ePub. The document has embedded hyperlinks and video files. Open the ePub on an iPad and it works perfectly. Open it up in PlayBooks on my Galaxy Tab 4 and the video files don't even appear on the page. The secondary hyperlinks to YouTube content don't work (don't work on iPad either). Not sure why iPad works and Android does not. A secondary question is why my 10" alternate layout for Android crops on top/bottom instead of giving me the full screen layout. Hoping someone has some clues as to where to start to remedy my problem. Getting conflicting reports online saying that Play Books does/doesn't support video; tried numerous eBook readers with even less success recognizing the fixed layout.