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    flash player wont play

      flash player wont play any videos i have tried reinstalling it and checked to see if it was being blocked but it still wont work. i have the newest flash player and and ie. can anyone help me?
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          Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
          Is it playing every thing good but video? have you tired with other sites that include video or other videos? Which version of the player do you have?

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            quintinbur Level 1
            it wont play any video or even load the video from any site music plays fine though
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              ggshow Level 2
              what video format you have tried?
              the video not playing at all or it is playing but cant see the display?
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                quintinbur Level 1
                it wont play at all i dont know what format what ever is on myspace and google nothing will play or load and after awhile it says error
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                  Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
                  Try to make sure that you have only one version fo the Flash Player installed in you computer as more than one version may cause conflect and let the browser use the old one.

                  Hope this helps
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                    Yesterday all PCs in our studio here could view the Flash 8 websites we write like our own here. We downloaded nothing this morning but realized mid-morning that suddenly we could see none of the FlashPlayer 8 .flv video files on the site. We can see the site itself which .swf requires FlashPlayer 8 but no .flv files!

                    We checked other sites we've written that have .flv files requiring FlashPlayer 8 but we are not able to see the .flv fiiles in those sites either.

                    We uninstalled the FlashPlayer using the adobe uninstaller. We shut down the machines. We then rebooted, used the standalone adobe flash player installer to reinstall flash Player 9 (which we have had for quite some time) , and find that we cannot view our .flv files requiring flash player 8 in either Firefox or IE 6 or IE7.

                    We went to the Adobe FlashPLayer support site and followed all the instructions there.

                    We are in a bit of a jam because we have all this .flv video out there on the web which our customers want more of, but we can no longer see our own work.

                    Some customers have had exactly this happen to them, most have been on IE 7.

                    We need some serious assistance here if anyone can provide it.
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                      quintinbur Level 1
                      yeah it sounds like im haveing the same prob as Lobstah
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                        Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
                        This is very starnge, I was just thinking if tring to install Flash Player 8 instead of 9.

                        Hope this helps
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                          quintinbur Level 1
                          installing flash 8 didnt help, i also tryed to reinstall internet explorer but that didnt help either
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                            Lobstah Level 1
                            quintinbur and ourselves have exactly the same problem. In our case, we have just one version of Flash Player running on our systems (9.) Video in .flv format using rtmp:// protocol was playing for us Tuesday and was invisible on Wed.

                            Here's one site where we expect you to see a video (.flv format, rtmp:// protocol) on the Home page but there is simply a white space now. (there are also .flv videoclips on the subsequent About, Sales and Contact pages but none of them show up. )

                            We have many customer sites where this has happened in the last few days and we are fending off angry callers... We cannot even see the flash video on our own commercial website. Nor can we seem to fix this, whether we install earlier versions of Flash Player or save our site files for earlier versions of flash player or whatever.

                            We've gone through the entire diagnostic process outlined on the Adobe site and absolutely nothing appears to be out of order.

                            Some other facts we have observed:
                            If the .flv videoclips are inside a full-flash site (inside a main .swf file) we can see the site but not the .flv contents. I wouldn't have expected to see the main .swf at all but we do. An example is this site above where you can see the full-flash site but none of the .flv files inside it.

                            Even our HTML sites that have .swf files (which call .flvs using the rtmp:// protocol) show no flash video at all. Just the white space.

                            Our flash videos are up and running over their rtmp:// servers -- we have checked. So the problem is clearly one associated with FlashPlayer 9 and IE 6 and IE7, as far as I can see.

                            This is quite irritating and negatively impacting business. We have been in several development forums where others are complaining of exactly this problem but we see no results. Now we are in the (paid support) queue with Adobe technicians but don't know when we'll actually get a human being on the phone.

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                              CSI_Bruce Level 1
                              Rafiq, I've never seen this many posts regarding this subject. There have been several different people who've come to this forum because their Flash player won't play videos. In one of your replies you stated that this is "very strange". However, from what I've seen it doesn't look that way. Is Adobe going to look into this?
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                                Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
                                I myself saw many posts regarding Flash Player and video problems, most fo these posts are because of missing FLV, Cotrollers....etc. I am saying it is stange for me, because I see the videos on my pc and see that Quintinbur has done the requried solutions (if I did not miss any thing) to fix the Flash Player problem if there is.

                                I myself got such a problem once, when I was reinstalling my windows and updated the Flash Player, I figured that IE does not read the new installed Player version, simply it read the old default windows version fo the player, that is why I was seeing some SWFs with problem, but this problem is get solved when I re-install the Flash on my PC.

                                I am trying now to collect the Flash Player problems posts, which are most because of users errors as I think. I will try to find someone i can report these problems to if it is not reported yet. As I uderstand that the Flash Player is the Flash soul of many of us and I wish its installation become as easy as possible.

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                                  I am experiencing this on PowerPC Mac G5. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Flash Player several times and restart my computer. Yesterday all my Flash sites worked, today none of them work. Can someone and Adobe find out what is going on? I am using FireFox and Safari and niether work.
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                                    Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
                                    Just found by accident another link for bug report link where it includes Flash in the list:


                                    I guess you can use it to post your problem