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    cfform validation problem in firefox


      I'm finding an issue using <cfform> and required fields in Firefox. The "required" attributes work as far as alerting the user to the required fields BUT after clicking OK the form continues to submit or post. This seems as if the Coldfusion js files do not have the appropriate "return true;" or "return false;", whatever the case may be, I forget.

      This is only happening in Firefox as far as I have found. Mac and PC.

      Has anybody found this problem? I have a feeling it has to do with some bad html. Perhaps it there might be an update to the .js files that cfmx 7 uses. Just a thought would be great for me or if you experienced this I would love to hear your remedy.

      Thanks in advance,
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          Daverms Level 3

          Do you have any other validation(s) triggering on your <cfform> 's onSubmit attribute? Also which version of Coldfusion you are using out there?

          Also in MX 6.1 <cfform> validation is done first then the onSubmit is executed next. Where as in MX 7 if you put any customValidation on "onSubmit" attribute then It may not perform any <cfform> validation.