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    The Weirdest XML/Actionscipt Problem Ever

      OK, so here's the setup:

      I have a SWF that's pulling in images, text and links from multiple XML docs. I have another SWF on the same page above that that's the nav for the SWF below. I have 5 sections and all but one "works properly."

      When the nav btn is clicked, it uses LocalConnection (pretty sure this isn't the problem) to load in two separate XML files for two different sections in the SWF below. There is a secondary menu and a video player menu. The video player menu XML also holds the info to change a featured image and text.

      OK, the problem is this:

      All of the XML files work save one...the largest one creates 16 buttons for the secondary menu, but when clicked it doesn't load the feature image and text, and won't allow them to be loaded for any of the other menu items from there on out.

      I can change the XML to just 13 button nodes and it's fine, but the second I add one more back in, it breaks and does what I described above. Am I crazy or has anyone else had this sort of problem?