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    Placing information before ".htm" using Java "location.href"

    HWHomberg Level 1
      Or it could be that I'm going about this wrong.

      I'm setting up a testing environment, and am looking to get the emails pointing in the right direction, but from the production files. The user clicks the "email" link in the topic, and the result from

      var mailBody = 'File Location: ' + location.href;


      File Location: ///file/HelpServer/Topic34.htm

      in the email. With our testing, what I'm wanting is to have the result be

      File Location: ///file/HelpServer/Topic34test.htm

      So is there a way to modify the above code to get the word "test" in there before the ".htm"? I've been messing with the \b and $08 codes for backspace, but those just return small squares in the email.

      Any ideas?