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    update disaster

    IsabellaMedina Level 1

      I am on a mac 10.6.8, the hard disk on it partially failed so I am on a supplemental hard disk from which I boot.

      my product is Adobe Creative Suite: Design and Web Premium

      I received an updater notice for InDesign. I went for it but the update failed with a cryptic error message.

      After plugins failed to work I tried to uninstall/reinstall. The uninstall deleted some of my working files.

      Now the Application install gives me the error: "The application cannot be installed due to a certificate problem.  The certificate does not match the installed application certificate, does not support application upgrades, or is invalid.  ". 

      I still can sign in and see my products and the serial numbers but I am blocked from reinstalling.


      my communication preferences changes prevent me from switching to email and go back to phone and mail.