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    ID CS6v8 -- Blank pages, missing text, slanted cursor, etc.


      Having very strange problems with a file.


      1. I am getting blank pages where I had completed a layout (yes, I can see elements in Layers and some items reappear if I turn off some items called <group>, but not all.


      2. Some pages have missing items. 3. Some pages have text boxes that appear blank where text was previously visible. When I try to repopulate the text box I get a slanted cursor. I can see the text in Story Editor.


      3. When I try to populate art boxes, nothing is visible even though it shows up in layers, but not in links.


      I think these are somehow related because they all happened at the same time to the same group of pages. The rest of the document, containing the same type of elements, seems fine.


      This is a large, complex document. HELP!!!!