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    Flex and EJB3

      I'm developing a site using Flex, FDS and EJB3 within a Glassfish Application Server. All seems to be working well except for my Stateful beans. For some reason a bean that I access directly does not seem to be the same bean that is access via another bean.

      RemoteStatefulBean1 is accessed via Flex and a object is saved within it.
      RemoteStatefulBean2 attempts to access the object contained within RemoteStatefulBean1 but null it returned.

      Is this because the EJB container is creating a new instance of the class for some reason? Or does Flex not associate the classes (due to scope, or something)??

      I'm at a loss here... anyone got any ideas?
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          i am just trying to get access to my stateless session beans using flex2, fds2, ejb3 within the glassfish app. server.
          so my configuration is like yours.

          #1 do you use this ejb3-factory.jar form adobe-extension written by some guy to access session-beans directly?

          anyway i tried both, the usual and the factory way but couldnt get through.

          #2 do you access your session-bean over jndi-lookup ?
          could you pass some code of your bean-destination-definition.
          and maybe some example-code, which helps me getting a little success-feeling?

          well, i am new to flex and just have to made up my mind which
          technology to use building the user-interface (jsf or flex).

          thanks for your help.