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    floating menu

    oscar7878 Level 1
      I'm creating a froating menu. when i click on a button the menu appears (using attachMovie).

      How can I make that when users click outside the menu it desappear?


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          SymTsb Level 2
          read up on getBounds
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            i would suggest that instead (or add to) of having your menu disapear when a user click outside of it, it will disapear after a certain amount of time that the mouse cursor is off the bound of the menu. It will be more user friendly and also you can still achieve the onClick disapear by using the onMouseDown event. Basiacally, on mouse down, if your mouse cursor is off the menu you make it disapear. The onMouseDown event is pretty much details on the flash help files ... just take a look at it; its simple.

            Hope it help!