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    RoboHelp X5 and MS Word

      I have a number of documents that are confiured in MS Word as Master and Sub-documents. When trying to import them into a RoboHelp Project I get the master document as a topic but no content for the sub-documents (despite Word/RoboHelp opening the documents in the import process) just a couple hyperlinks to my working directory.

      Has anybody got any expereince of using RoboHelp and Master/Sub-documents?
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          Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
          Hello John,

          Welcome to the Forum.

          If you are trying to import the files using the Master document only, then what you are seeing is correct. Master Docs link to the subdoc, it locates and displays the text accordingly. RoboHelp is being instructed to import the file with the links. You will have to import each sub-document individually.

          Unfortunately, I have still to tweak a Word Macro I am preparing to split large documents by section and save each as individual HTM files in prep for importing to Robohelp. I still have to amend the macro to strip out the unwanted HTML script from the files so they import cleanly into RoboHelp. If it was ready, I would have posted it for you.

          As an aside, you realise that Master documents in Word have only two states: about to corrupt and corrupted.

          See this article for an explanation.

          Hope this helps,