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    deleting empty folders

    csheets@ecisolutions.com Level 1
      I am trying to delete an empty folder from Robohelp. I've had this problem before & resolved it following some advice from this forum. The problem this time seems to be a file called ehlpdhtm.js (found in the Baggage folder). The instructions I got before said to remove all references to this file. The problem is: this file is in the code for every single topic I have. So I don't know what to do to fix it. I have 13,000 topics in my help file so there's no way I can remove it from all of them. Any suggestions?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          The ehlpdhtm.js file is added to each topic regardless of whether the topic actually needs it. It contains dynamic HTML code (e.g. drop down or expanding text). If your topics do not contain any dynamic HTML then it is probably safe to remove the file from baggage. If you can't do this from within RH, open the rhbag.apj file in Notepad and remove it there. I recommend the usual advice about taking backups before doing anything though.
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            csheets@ecisolutions.com Level 1
            yippee!! the folder is gone. Thank you so much, Colum. I had read an old message that talked about editing that file in notepad but they weren't specific enough. Also, I didn't realize it wouldn't hurt my entire file. It's gone. Thanks again!