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    Besr workflow for: Creating a document in multiple sized versions

    ChristianAaltonen Level 1

      Hi there!


      Imagine, that you are asked by your client to prepare 100-paged brochure in three different sizes: A4, A5 and letter. I would like to know the best workflow for it. I know, that there is a Print option in Id, where you can create PostScript of different dimensions than your source is. But it kills all the hypelinks (hundreds of them) in the document. (Well, you can suggest, that A4 and A5 behaves just same on the screen, so I can send A4 and tell the customer it is A5, or prepare A5 for print without hyperlinks, but this seems to me as unacceptable.)


      I found no way how to prepare output in multiple sizes while keeping the hyperlinks alive. Importing and scaling .indd or .pdf into a new, resized .indd document does not preserve the hyperlinks (but why, they all are present in that imported .indd!).


      Is really the only way to create each document one after another from scratch? I can hardly imagine, that I would be able to explain to my client, that he has to pay proofreading for each size.


      Thank you.