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    Weird mp4 length problem - urgent!


      Hi all.


      I have just encountered this problem that has baffled me and my colleagues. But I know you clever people will put us straight right away!!


      I have rendered out 11 mp4 files from my project to make editing easier when changes are requested. I did this because my original rendering for the whole project took 22hrs and I can't afford to do that every time a little change is made. The original mp4 file is 40 mins long.


      So I now have these rendered mp4 files and when I put them all back together, all seemed ok... except that the full length of the project was now 3 mins short!! I narrowed this down to one particular mp4 file. Remember all of these mp4 files are from the same project with same settings!! I noticed that the mp4 file was just 31 seconds long. So I rendered it out again. The mp4 file on my machine is perfect. 3m 20s long and the settings are all exactly the same as all other mp4 files I have rendered out.


      Yet a simple drag and drop or an import into AE and the file is showing as 31 seconds long! I even have the pre-comp open in another instance and it clearly shows it as 3m 20s long.


      I have attached an image to hopefully explain what I mean and hope someone can throw some light on it. Makes no sense at all to me, but sure it will to you clever lot.