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    FLV Preload bug in Firefox for Windows

    RickAW Level 1
      I have created an FLV player using progressive download that functions correctly in all platforms except Firefox on Windows. In Firefox/Windows the movie stops loading as soon as the buffer is full.

      This can be seen by watching the BytesLoaded and BufferLength values. As soon as the BufferLength reaches BufferTime, BytesLoaded stops increasing and the video starts playing.

      On all other platforms, BytesLoaded continues to grow while the movie is playing until the entire movie is loaded.

      As a result, in Firefox the video will play smoothly until the buffer is empty, then it will pause while the buffer refills (during which the BytesLoaded also increases) and then it begins playing again. This stop/start behavior continues until the BytesLoaded finally equals BytesTotal and the movie will play to completion.

      Does Firefox require some different coding, or am I missing something that the other platforms are just more forgiving of? I believe the server mime types have been set correctly, but I'm open to all possibilities based on your experience or ideas.


      The essential code (minus UI and error checking stuff) is this: