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    Best practice to configure HTTPService url

      I try to find the best way to set up the url attribute of a large number of httpService in an application that use different servlet as data provider.

      My idea is to read an external XML file and use the text of nodes to find the settings for the url attribute.

      For example:
      External file config.xml contains a node like this <service1> http://achille:8080/dbfw/DBSERVICE</service1>

      In my <mx:Application> on creationComplete I read the config.xml file and put the content in a Bindable variable that I will refer in every component of my application by the syntax XML(parentApplication.config).service1 and use the text value of the node to set the url attribut of an httpService.

      This is very important because when I install the application at a customer the service1 url change and I have to set up the application data provider through the external XML file.

      Is there an esier way to do obtain a behavior like that ?

      Thank you at all