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    Where are the docking headers in Premiere Elements 13?


      I've just purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 13.  I'm using a dual monitor arrangement on my three-year old iMac.


      In earlier versions of Premiere Elements it was possible, using docking headers, to arrange screen components and windows to my own preferred layout and then save it.  Next time I started Premiere, the screen layout would appear as per my personal layout.


      I've not been able to find that facility on the latest version of PE.  A couple of components can be rearranged, but not many, it seems, and even those are likely to disappear too easily, especially when using a dual monitor.  Certainly it seems necessary to rearrange the entire layout manually whenever I restart PE.


      Am I missing something?  Is there a way to fix the screen layout as I want it for as long as I want it?


      My thanks if you are able to help.