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    "Home" and "End" keys don't work in AE


      I just got a new laptop workstation (PC), and for some reason the Home and End keys don't work in AE. The keys work in Premiere Pro and all other programs I've tested so far. I have a Norwegian keyboard, but I have used other Norwegian keyboards in the past without this problem. A curious thing abou this pc is that it has 2 Home and End keys. One set is on the numeric keypad on the numbers 7 and 1 (Num Lk off), and the other set is on keys labeled










      These 2 last ones give me Home and End in AE with the Fn key combined, but that's impractical and cumbersome. I want to be able to just press the first ones mentioned. Does anybody have any experience with this issue and can guide me to a solution?Keyboard_Home_End.jpg