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    LR 5.7.1 will not create folders on a network connected Drobo.

    willanywork Level 1

      LR 5.7.1 on IMac2 (OS 10.9.5) will not create a folder an a Drobo that is USB connected to IMac1 (OS 10.10.2).  The two IMacs are ethernet connected through a router.  When attempting to create a folder on the Drobo from LR on IMac2 an error message from LR is displayed: "Could not complete the folder move. The folder named “2014” could not be created." A folder cannot be uniquely created from LR on the Drobo.  Folders can be created on the Drobo from the desktop of IMac2,  image files can be moved between already created folders on the Drobo and new images can be added to existing folders.  Read and Write permissions are set for all users on both iMacs.  Looking for some help on figuring this out.