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    need to add bit of text to each page—is there something I can do to 'automate' the process?


      Hi there,

      Somehow in the process of piecing together a book, I did use Master Page elements for most of my pages, but not for many other pages.

      So now I have to add a small bit of text (the name of the book) and a page number (I didn't add page numbers because I didn't know what pages would go where; now I've got all of that organized) at the bottom of each of these pages.  Y will be the same for these new additions for both even and odd pages, but the X factor will be quite different of course.

      Is there something I can do to speed up the process?

      I'm wondering if, after the fact, I can create two new Master Pages that have just these two elements (the name of the book and a placement for a page number), and then apply this to my pages.

      I hesitate to try this in case it adds these two new elements, but gets rid of everything else.  If that's a possibility I'd rather just enter each of these elements one at a time, adding numbers for X and Y, carpal tunnel be damned!