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    Presenter 10 Quiz Pass URL is set to Current but opening in New Tab

    randolphwelty Level 1



      We use Presenter to create quizzes among other things.  Previously, we were using version 7 but had to upgrade to 10 recently.  I have just tried creating the first quiz under 10 and ran into an issue.


      We offer the quizzes via our intranet site and utilize the Open URL Action under the Pass or Fail Options tab to redirect those who pass to a completion URL.  The target is set to Current.  We display the Presenter output's HTM file via an iFrame.  In version 7, the URL would simply display within the iFrame.  Now, it is opening in a new tab.


      It does this regardless of whether it is set to Current or New.  I have looked at the data/viewer.xml file and confirmed that passingGradeActionArg2 is set to 0 when we set the option to Current and it changes to 1 when we set it to New, so it does seem to be registering the change when published.  I have tried this out on Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer 11 in Compatibility View, and FireFox all with the same behavior.


      Has anybody encountered a similar issue with Presenter 10?


      Thanks in advance.