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    Generating a permanent motion trail



      Well i'm trying to create a permanent motion trail, the idea is that a character (captured by a static framing by trypod) walks leaving behind him instances of himself every 7 or 8 frames he would leave like a static copy of himself, over time it would be like a trail of him.

      Since its shot on a tripod i figured that there must be a way to tell AE to cancel out pixels that are the same between layers, that is to say, the layer on top would cancel out repeated pixels on the layer from the bottom creating an alpha channel. Is  this possible, what would i use to do it? an expresson? or a combination of effects?


      Hope I'm being clear, if not, please let me know and i'll try and explain better, thanks a lot in advance! (I'm trying to do what you see in the picture except, you know, right)

      Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.49.15 PM.png