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    Closing browser and logout should do the same thing?

    ajdklfajdlk Level 1
      I believe the solution to this is something fundamental i'm missing about the Coldfusion/WebDevelopment .

      I'm having trouble with CF security settings (login/logout) and session variables. Specifically I encounter an error saying 'session.rdbclient is undefined.' (rdbclient is much like a shopping cart; must maintain persistence). This occurs when the user closes the browser goes off and does something else meanwhile the session expires. So when they come back to my site they are still logged in and attempt to put things in the cart (session.rdbclient) and then it chokes saying it's undefined, obviously. Now, I know it works correctly when the user actually logs out instead of the closing the browser window.
      How do I solve this so that the user can click logout OR close the browser (and delete the session variables in both cases)?
      I'm including my Application.cfm below (hopefully it's not too much code).