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    Windows 8.1 compatability


      I have Windows 8.1 and using Adobe Elements 12.   Can I install Adobe Premiere Elements 10?    Are they compatible please?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I have Premiere Elements 10 installed on Windows 8.1 64 bit and am running it successfully there. On that same computer, I have installed Premiere Elements 10, 11, 12/12.1, and 13/13.1. All installed and running well. That computer uses an Intel HD Graphics video card/graphics card.


          If your Windows 8.1 64 bit uses NVIDIA GeForce card, then history is that you will not be able to run Premiere Elements 10

          on that computer.


          Any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.



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            Annsbeads Level 1

            Thank you very much.    I have now downloaded Premiere Elements 10 and all seems to be fine.    I've just started putting a slideshow together and it seems to be fine.    Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the great news that all went well with the Premiere Elements 10 install on Windows 8.1 64 bit.


              The Elements Organizer 12 and 10 are much alike with regard to slideshow creation. Elements Organizer 13 offers a very different

              type of slideshow. If you are planning to include 13 in your programs, we can discuss the pros and cons Elements Organizer 13 new Create/Slideshow.


              Best wishes with your Premiere Elements/Elements Organizer projects.