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    How do i get my folder structure in Lightroom to replicate my hard drive folder structure?


      My issues is that post-import from Aperture, my folder structure in Lightroom does not match my folder structure on my hard-drive.  In particular, rather than be structured as in my hard-drive:

      2015 (folder)

      -> 2015-01-30 (sub folder)

      -> 2015-02-15 (sub folder)

      -> 2015-03-03 (sub folder)

      All of the photo folders are listed individually as:




      In addition, a number of folders have been created in the form 01a2a201aff9c8c684928629ea41221c0fa5930ab7 where no folder exists on my hard drive in this form and the image contains the right date meta data.

      As I've got photos dating back to 2005 and a lot of different days taking photos, this is making the folders view unmanageable.

      I completed the Aperture migration in two stages (as i did not have sufficient space to replicate images in move across to Lightroom)

      1.  Moved Aperture original images from being References to Managed (with the file structure above)

      2.  Then used the Lightroom plug in to import the library from Aperture (which has successfully copied across meta data and my folder structure + edits from Aperture)

      Does anyone know how to fix this issue?  In particular:

      1) Adding in 2015 folder level to structure?

      2) Removing all off the 01a2a201aff9c8c684928629ea41221c0fa5930ab7 folders?

      Many thanks in advance,