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      Hello Adobe,

      In the past two weeks I have encountered a huge problem with your Adobe Flash Player. The only way I can get help is here. Which is ridiculous. I have done the following to get my Flash player to download. I have updated and installed the latest version of Internet Explorer. I restarted my computer. I then went to YOUR uninstall Adobe flash player site and it did uninstall completely. I restarted my computer. I then went back to that same site and checked if it was gone and it was successfully uninstalled. It told me to go to your forum and follow the installation instructions. IT STILL WON'T DOWNLOAD. Now I have followed your FORUM instructions step by step for if your flash player won't download. I have done the following. I have disabled Active X. I have cleared download history. I have selected save and run. I have gone into my downloads and physically selected run or double clicked flash player download. All it does is say that this has been removed or deleted. I have continuously checked to make sure I have ENABLED Adobe Flash player. IT IS NOT THERE. I am in the option to view ALL ADD ONS!!! It disappeared after I did YOUR uninstallation link. So that is that. Now that I have done all that you have requested of me from your non-helping forum. What will you have me do next Adobe? I can't call you and this is absurd. I can't do my college courses because Adobe flash player is required. So what to do...what to do.

      Thanks for all the help,