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    brush tool problem


      19.1._one2.pngcan please someone help me? when i use my brush tool the line is not continued there are holes or white not painted areas inbetween. f.e in curves. so, when i  draw a curley line and want to move it its with holes which makes it into al lot of small pieces.

      i hope you get my problem, because my english isnt that good

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          Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

          Two things you can do which will help you prevent that in Flash are to turn up the Smoothing percentage in the Properties box which can be found under the File menu in Windows>Properties



          You can also reduce that effect by zooming in and drawing closer and slower. I typically draw a rough drawing first on one layer in light blue and then clean it up with Black on another layer. Granted, Flash is not the best tool to try and draw with but you can definitely get a decent drawing from it with practice. The drawing below was done entirely in Flash.


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