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    Table of Contents links and hyperlinks lose accuracy in FP past 5 pages?

      I've come up dry searching for any mention of this bug anywhere.

      We've got Word documents that have a table of contents (TOC created dynamically in word, using the standard "Heading" style method.) When we convert these to Flashpaper SWFs, about 50% of the TOC links don't work - they go sort of nearby spots in the document, but bring you to a spot off by half a page or more. The links to spots in the first 4-5 pages work ok, but TOC links that go deeper into the doc - from 5 to 20 pages in - those are off by a half page to a page. The working TOC links in Word or in PDF versions of the doc take you directly to the right spot.

      The "outline" option in flashpaper also fails - the outline links past 5 pages or so are innacurate just like the in-document links.

      According the the (scanty) documentation for Flashpaper, Heading/Outlines, etc. are supposed to work fine and get converted into the SWF.

      I've already tried creating fresh example files, to make sure it isn't a problem with sloppy Word formatting, extra Headings, etc. - no dice. I still get TOC and outline links that fail to work in many cases. They mostly fail for things that jump to spots after 5-6 pages into the doc. But if I convert these same docs to PDFs, the PDF bookmarks and TOC links and hyperlinks work perfectly.

      We've also tried using Hyperlinks in Word to create "pretend" Table of Contents (not dynamic, but we're desperate), and we find that those hyperlinks that go past 5 or 6 pages into the 20 page doc lose their acuracy also - they are a half to a full page off.

      We already tried the method of saving the word docs as HTML then converting to FP(suggested within this board) but that did not improve things.

      Thanks in advance.

      - Chris