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    Which one works?




      I've read several pages online (also those pages from adobe itself) about After Effects and Cinema 4D that is integrated and adobe no longer is doing any additional support for it. I've never used AE before but I want to learn it now and I'm going to work with it in my future education.

      I'll buy a new computer very soon but I'm so confused about which graphics card that supports After Effects. I've read the list of officially supported cards but the list is very short. I'm not interested in Quadro, they are too expensive.


      What especially confuses me is that the ray-traced renderer is being phased out in favour of Cinema 4D. I'm interested in that ray-traced renderer feature but I don't know what cinema 4D requires of gpu even though it is integrated in AE: So my question is, what kind of graphics card works with AE and its Cinema 4D?

      Of graphics cards I've been looking at these that I can buy:

      - Gtx 750ti (I've read debates that it isn't supported by AE but some people say they can use it)

      - Gtx 960 (I've read debates that it isn't supported by AE but some people say they can use it)

      - Gtx 970 (the same as above)

      - Gtx 760 (but does it support AE itself? It does support ray-tracing)

      - Gtx 670 (it seems that it supports both ray-tracing and AE program itself but is it a good card?)

      It's not all graphics cards on the list https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/system-requirements.html that I can buy because some of them are outdated and therefore can't be bought anymore (like gtx 570 I can't find it in any online stores)..

      The card may not be too expensive to buy..max about $250. The prices are higher in Europe than in USA.... And it may not be a slow card..


      My future computer and its hardware (it will not be changed because I buy the whole computer from a store but I'm able to choose the graphics card):

      * i7-4790


      * Xeon E3-1245 v3 (which has integrated intel hd P4600)

      * 16 gb RAM

      * z97-ar motherboard.


      I want to use Photoshop (many layers!), After Effects, Final cut, Flash, Illustrator and Indesign. CS6.


      I just need to know what kind of graphics card is required now when Adobe changes the ray-traced feature and integrates Cinema 4D instead (so I don't buy a card that I regret because of the lack of support from AE) ??

      I hope you'll help me please.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Cinema 4D does not have any specific hardware support in its renderer. It's fully CPU based, so this is utterly irrelevant. All it requires is a reasonably normal card to deal with its OpenGL viewports and that is something even cards from the 80 bucks budget tray do.



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            Anjali15 Level 1

            So does that mean that I can use gtx960 for AE and its C4D and rendering just like ray-trace (making shadows and light in texts and such that ray-trace do) ??

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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As Mylenium says, AE and C4D make very little use of the GPU. The exception is third-party plugins. Since you seemed interested in the ray-traced renderer, you might consider something like Element 3d from Video Copilot or Zaxwerks 3d Invigorator. They both use the GPU to render 3d extrusions extremely quickly. Much faster than the ray-traced renderer or C4D, but they are limited in ways that C4D is not. I use Element and C4D extensively at work. They each have their uses. So, if that is the kind of thing you're interested in, look at the GPU requirements for whatever third-party plugin you might use.


              Since you're using so much of the Adobe Suite anyway, I would recommend you use Premiere to edit instead of Final Cut. It integrates beautifully with the rest of Adobe's software and you can make some adjustments to the keyboard shortcuts and layout to make you feel right at home. I remember the debacle when Final Cut X was first released and droves of Final Cut users came over to Premiere - they have loved it. There are a number of good videos out there for helping Final Cut users migrate to Premiere. (I mention this because Premiere uses the GPU more than out-of-the-box AE does, so you should consider it when you make your purchase.)

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Anjali15 wrote:


                So does that mean that I can use gtx960 for AE and its C4D and rendering just like ray-trace (making shadows and light in texts and such that ray-trace do) ??

                C4D is a full-fledged 3d program. You can do so much more in it that you couldn't do in the ray-traced renderer!

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                  Anjali15 Level 1

                  I'm very beginner in AE/C4D.

                  Rendering is like this video on their front page http://www.adobe.com/dk/products/aftereffects.html and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nelVpTDCoWo I think I would like to work with as a start and more advanced and good looking motion graphics later when I get better in skills. I'm only interested in AE/C4D because it's what I shall use in my future education, not other like elements 3d (but thank you for suggesting it).

                  The man in the computer store said that he thinks the gtx960 will work with the programs and suggested to buy that one.. But I want to be really sure so I don't buy a wrong card! The lists of graphics cards for AE, PS and PremierPro do not show the gtx9xx serie so I have no idea if the Gtx960 will work for these adobe programs especially AE, PS and PremierPro ??

                  Please a yes or no if gtx960 works well?

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                    Dave LaRonde Level 6

                    I recommend that you ask this on the Premiere Pro forum.  Since such cards have almost nothing to do with AE, but can enhance the performance of PP, you should ask there.  You can expect a lot of questions on how you intend to use PP.

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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I would suggest getting one that's on Premiere's recommended list OR ask over on the Premiere forum whether that class of GPU works with Premiere. The GTX 960 will not work with AE's ray-traced renderer, but, as we've said, that is becoming obsolete, so I wouldn't worry about it for AE.

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                        Anjali15 Level 1

                        Ok thank you.