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    Contribute can't connect to new web server

    JSimmerin Level 1
      I am in the process of migrating to a new web host on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) system. I use Contribute 3.1 for many websites without problems. However there is a serious problem when I try to administer a site on the new server with Contribute. I did not have a problem with this site on the old server. I have tried this with Contribute and Dreamweaver 8 and the results are the same. ONE NOTE: connecting to the server via a traditional FTP program works perfectly.
      1) I have tried all the connection options switching them on and off (passive FTP - Optimize connection etc.). I can at least connect to the server within Dreamweaver when I test the connection though it is a bit slow.
      2) When I attempt to connect to this website from within Contribute, or Administer Contribute from within Dreamweaver the programs crash - not-responding etc. Dreamweaver completely crashes and Contribute completely crashes.

      I don't have this problem with any other website. Furthermore, this new server works perfectly. The site is fast and traditional FTP connections work perfectly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks You