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    Does Flash do named anchors?

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      Hi -

      I'm using an external HTML to build a glossary in one section of the Flash application.

      This list of glossary terms is getting updated often so it's a good thing that it's external and easy to get to. But now the list is so long that I've been asked to add the alphabet to the beginning of the list and build in a functionality that lets the user click on a letter of the alphabet to jump to words starting with that letter farther down the same list. If this was HTML I would just use "named anchors" but when I tried it here a browser opened.

      How can I implement that same type of effect in a Flash application??

      TIA your help figuring out this puzzle.

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          Flash has named anchors (in that you can have a '#xxxx' in the url for your
          web page and the SWF movie in there will jump to the corresponding anchor.

          But you need the write html setup and you need to set the labels especially
          in the flash movie.

          Named anchors in flash also let you use forward/backward to navigate .. but
          that is buggy if you every jump within your movie .. but the #xxxx in your
          URL will work ok.

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            jl2000 Level 1
            Jeckl - thanks for the response but I'm not sure I understand what you think I should do.

            My SWF dynamically brings in an HTML file.

            Near the top of this HTML there's a link like this:
            <a href="#2e"> Jump to Topic 2e. </a>

            Near the bottom of the same HTML file there is an anchor like this:
            <a name="2e"> Topic 2(e) </a>

            When the user viewing the SWF sees this text and they click on the top link they should "jump" to the bottom. The only thing that should happen is the text scrolls to the named anchor at the bottom. I'm not opening or loading another SWF.
            I don't want a browser to open.

            I tried all variations of single quotes, double qoutes, escaped quotes and anything else I could think of.

            Can anyone suggest a way to make this happen?


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              In File > Publish Settings, under the HTML tab, select Flash with Named Anchors under the Template section:

              Insert Script and HTML Anchors to enable bookmarking of Macromedia Flash Player 6 and above content.

              Best regards,
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                jl2000 Level 1
                Karl - That's amazing! Following what you said I found the file Anchors.html and it had the same instructions: "Insert Script and HTML Anchors to enable bookmarking of Macromedia Flash Player 6 and above content."

                I don't know what that means!

                There is a javascript on the same file (attached here) so I Published all my SWF files with that Template selection and the resulting Flash generated HTML file contained that javascript.

                I put the javascript in the head of the HTML text files that I'm loading dynamically.

                Neither of these procedures worked.

                Please help.