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    AS file vs java method

    j2eesatish Level 1
      I have written one java method that will return 0 or 1. i am calling the method from the mxml page. for that i am calling through script.
      1. log.checkUser(login.username,login.password);
      2. if(log.checkUser.result == "1") {
      3. ..............
      4. }

      Everything is fine but the result "log.checkUser.result" i am able to get after executing and loding the page. by that i am not able to check the return value in my if condition immediately after line2 in first execution. When i click the check button secod time the value ls returnig in to my AS file.

      checkUser(user,pwd) is the java function that will return 0 or 1.
      Can anybody help me on this