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    Recording animation


      I'm new to Captivate 2 and am trying to create a screen capture that includes an on-screen animation. While, I believe I have full-motion recording option set, I don't see an option to record the animation (just my motions - not animations already running as part of my screen capture.), and the animations are being recorded as still.

      Does anyone have a suggestion? Does Captivate 2 support on-screen animation recording?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Renee and welcome to our community

          As you have seen, Captivate doesn't record natively in full-motion mode. What it does is take occasional screen captures, combines them with mouse movement and voilà, you have what appears to be a full motion movie. However, it does do a limited amount of full motion. Things that are very brief, such as dragging a window from one place to another. Clicking and dragging to select something. Or possibly clicking and dragging the thumb of a scroll bar.

          If these animations exist as Flash movies or .AVI files, you may insert them into your slides as animation objects. Maybe that will help?

          Cheers... Rick
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            ReneeJF Level 1
            I'm not sure if I can get the file out of the application, but that is a good idea, I'll give it a try.
            Thank you.
            - Renee
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              There aren't any third-party plug-ins or anything that will help it work? This seems like the ideal solution for creating demos of our software, but there's some on-screen animation that we definately need to include and it seems like a lot of extra effort to insert them as animation objects.
              Also, if the animation is mid-screen, will the mouse still appear to pass over them on the way to something else?