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    CSH API versus MFC Help Handler

      I need to be able to explain to the developers here at my company in more detail why we should use the RoboHelp CSH API rather than the MFC Help Handler for the HTML Help portion of the context-sensitive help we are planning. We are in the specification stage. The same thing applies to using the CSH API rather than some tool the developer mentioned for our WebHelp to go with our web application version of the same application.

      I have searched and searched the internet, this forum, and can find no posts that really explain in detail the benefits of using the RoboHelp API. What exactly does it do for the developer that makes things easier for him/her? I need to be convinced it is the best way to go and then also convince the developers. In the RoboHelp chm., all that is mentioned is that you can only customizing Help windows if you use the CSH API. I need more reasons than that.
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          I just thought of one disadvantage. We have been considering moving to an XML authoring tool for some of our documentation. We'd not be able to use the CSH APIs anymore, right? So, if we would used the MFC Help Handler for HTML Help, all that work could be done now--and we would be able to use any authoring tool we want at any point.