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    createTextField and stop scrolling

    999mdawg0916 Level 1
      I have an example of a thumbnail scroller that I've altered a little. The problem I am having is with inserting two text fields on the fly and stopping the scroller when the user mouses outside the flash object.

      First question:
      How do I create two text fields, one on top of the other and located under each thumbnail. In the example flash file I am trying to include a text field for a description and tool name. How would I create this? The text field needs to have the same mouse over effect (see attached example).

      Second question:
      When I mouse down and the scroller starts scrolling. When I want the scroller to stop I mouse up out of the hit area. But, when I scroll off the object after I mouse over the hit area the scroll keeps scrolling how would I stop this. I hope this makes sense. If not just let me know. The code is attached below.


      Thanks in advance.