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    Target paths in external SWF's?

      Hi, Im having problems with a flash based website that I am creating. It is essentially a gallery, using a shell file for all the navigation with external .swf's being loaded in for each image set to keep the overall file size low. I have it all working fine except for one weird problem, within the external .swf's there is another layer of navigation to move forwards and backwards through the main timeline.. it works fine as an individual .swf but when loaded inside the shell interface none of the buttons work.

      The only thing I can think of is that the paths are wrong when it is loaded into another file, for example: does "on (release) { _root.play();" on a button inside the external swf refer to the root of the external file or the root of the shell swf itself? What path am i suposed ot use to refer to items on the main timeline of an external .swf file?

      I may not have explained this very clearly, but I would be extremely greatful for any insights, thanks for your time