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    Custom component problems

    cheftimo Level 2
      I have been Googling/blogging and otherwise researching this issue; I have found it brought up in several places but never seen a solution:

      I have an application that uses a custom component. It will not compile; the compiler error is: “1180: Call to a possibly undefined method getKeyText”. It will not compile whether the component sits on a ViewStack or directly on the Application container. But everything works OK if I use the same component code on the Application mxml file directly.

      The component also works fine if I don’t use the method (getKeyText) in it, so it’s not a namespace issue. The method is, of course, defined in the main Application file.

      Bottom line: the compiler is not finding the method when it’s being called from the custom component.

      Has anyone had this problem and solved it? Any suggestions would be great.