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    Reserved tag override

      is it possible to override reserved coldfusion function tags?

      It seems simple but the implications would be incredible.

      Ie, I want to be able to do this

      <cfdump var="#form#">

      if form is defined, it will return form, if not, it will return NULL instead of erroring out.

      is this possible?

      In addition to this, how do i write my own cftags?


      if cfdump modification is not possible, i want to be able to type <cfPreDump var="#form#">

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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          To write your own tags, write a .cfm file with the code you want to run. Let's call it abc.cfm. To call it, you go <cf_abc>

          Many Cold Fusion reference books give you the details. Also, I just googled "coldfusion custom tags" and saw a few promising references.