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    Flash -- Troubleshooting audio

    GmR Level 1
      I have developed an online learning course using Flash. It has been in use for a couple of years without many issues, but someone has recently reported that they are hearing no audio. Their audio is fine elsewhere (e.g. playing mp3s). They are using a PC with Win 98.

      Are their any issues with Flash and Win 98 regarding audio?

      I was wondering if there might be a problem with my load audio script.... (below). Perhaps the volume is not being set in the right place? I have just read elsewhere thta you can't set volume until after the mp3 has finished loading. (However, this audo is streaming). If that's OK, any other ideas what might be wrong?


      function initializeSound() {
      soundTitleVO.loadSound(pathAssets+"audiointros/"+id+".mp3", false);
      soundInitialised = 1;