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    Hyperlinks not displaying in .chm

      All of a sudden, and with no discernable pattern of behavior, my .chm is not displaying some hyperlinks within the compiled help. These are all internal references; no files external to the help system are referenced. I've tried recompiling (locally), including deleting the previous .chm before recompiling. Any ideas?
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          Do you have topics in various folders? My first thought is that perhaps a folder got moved or renamed and the path is wrong. I would check the HREF of one of the bad hyperlinks in the true code editor and see what it points to. If they look OK there, check to see that you can open the topics the links point to from the TOC, index, or search.

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            PatriciaSaunders Level 1
            Thanks, John. I did check the topic links and the true code and everything looks fine within the project. The strange thing is that I'm using the same folder structure and generating into the same (default) folder as I always have. When I change the output destination folder, the .chm references work okay. If I go back to my default destination and generate the .chm, the references are gone -- RoboHelp doesn't show broken links; the links themselves disappear. I was able to generate the file in a different directory; everything looks great and I used that for the software build, but I'm wondering why my defaults are suddenly unhappy. I don't even know where to fix it, because it looks okay in the source project.
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              Hi Patricia,

              The problem could be caused by the links being too long when you're generating to the default folder. There's a maximum link length beyond which they cease to work. When you generate the file in a different directory, the links could be shorter, so they start working again. Not sure what the maximum link length is, but if your project structure has several levels and your file names are quite long, you can hit the maximum link length and not know it until you check the links in the generated file.

              Hope this helps.

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                PatriciaSaunders Level 1
                That's it! Who knew there was a limit? I had appended a top-level folder name, which made it just a bit longer, which apparently was enough to push some of the longer links over the limit. And you're right, there was no way to know until I compiled. It worked in the other directory because it was in a root directory (hence, much shorter link path names). Thank you so much!