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    WebHelp search not working on some OS/browsers


      I created a help system and generated WebHelp for the client. Now that they have it on their site, they're having issues with different operating systems and browsers. This is probably something basic that I should have learned about long ago, and I suppose in the future I should confirm this kind of end-user information up front. But I've created many help systems and have never been told of any such problems. Here's what the client wrote:

      "There are environments for which the Help System search option does not operate successfully. We’ve all had difficulties making it work, but most acutely with the Mac platforms using either Safari or Netscape (which accounts for a large proportion of our user base). The same is true in my environment until I allow IE to accept “active code. Basically, it comes up with no search-text box(es), and only shows a list of the searchable entries, much like a “super index” list through which one may scroll. On my IE system, at least it warned me that I wasn't seeing everything because I wasn't allowing the use of "active" files. "

      If anyone is able to shed any light on this for me I would be very grateful.

      Thank you.