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    Graphic Assets Noise (BUG?)

      Take a look at http://www.shewflowers.com/test_mp3/songfish_mp3_player.html ... down towards the bottom is a skinned button ... as you can see the skinning is working fine, but there is a border around it that is not in the original file ... this happens if I use GIF or PNG file types ... the reason for the file type decision is that there is transparency added to the image file ... what do you guys think? any help is greatly appreciated ... if any of you have seen this, was there something you did to over come the issue?

      Thanks again!
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          ojk007 Level 1
          well i doubt its a bug, flex handle pngs extremely well.

          I think its your actual file. Would i be right in assuming it was originally on a white bg and you just "magic wanded" out the white? thats usualy an artifact of that.

          Easiest FIX: get the eraser in you gfx prog of choice and get rid of the white.

          IF that doesnt work, have a close look at the orig image. because pngs usualy work fine if made right.
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            ideacandi Level 1
            the image is actually on a transparent background created in Photoshop ... it is a single layer vector drawn circle with no background ... i exported as png and as gif as they support transparency ... i end up with this white border around the image when used in flex ...