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    Scroll Web page

      I'm wondering if there is a smooth way to scroll a web page while recording. I've tried using the arrows, the mouse wheel, etc. Everything comes out a little choppy. How do people do this? I'd just like it to scroll to the bottom, and perhaps back up.
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          PJ Turtle Level 1
          I have the same question. The worst part is at the start; it stutters just enough to compromise the professional look I need to achieve. Anyone have a great way to do this? Thank you!
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            CatBandit Level 3
            Hi PJ Turtle,
            Don't know how this question went unanswered back in January - my apologies to "ezd_macromedia" on behalf of the Adobe Community Experts crew, as it appears to have fallen through the cracks. Here's how you do this:

            First, get used to always supplementing your automatic captures with manually captured screenshots. Nice as the auto-feature might be, it is a digital beast and should never be expected to replace you - as the author or creator of a piece. To say it again - have one finger on the keyboard PRTSCR key when doing your recording.

            With that in mind, what you folks are describing is the misalignment of the mouse on a full-motion slide with the position of the mouse-pointer on the slides immediately before and after the FM slide. To fix it, you have to do a little practice at using manual capture along with the proper settings for auto-recording and full-motion (FM).

            1) Be sure that your recording options include "Automatically Use Full Motion Capture for Drag and Drop ..." as well as "Show Mouse In Full Motion Mode" - check those boxes at "Options > Recording Options > Full Motion Recording".

            2) On the slide immediately BEFORE "grabbing" the scroll bar, move the mouse pointer to the position you are going to left-click-and-hold (on the scrollbar), and press the keyboard PRTSCR key to force a capture, then ...

            3) Grab-and-hold the scrollbar, forcing a full-motion capture of the scrolling action ... release left-mouse-button when scrolling is completed, BUT ...

            4) AFTER releasing the mouse button but BEFORE moving the mouse (from the ending position on the scroll), press the keyboard PRTSCR key once more.

            This should insure that the mouse travels to the point of beginning prior to the FM scrolling action, and is displayed statically at the end of the scrolling action. It might take a little practice to fight the urge to go back to your evil auto-capture-only ways (just kidding), but the end result should be scrolling actions that appear as natural and smooth as real life.

            To repeat myself for effect, the key is learning to always keep the manual capture key (by default it is PrtScr but can be changed as you wish) in mind when recording your projects. You might end up with more slides than are needed, but that's why God gave you a DEL key. I make it a point of pride to always have unneeded slides ... it tells me I got everything, and it is easier to delete a few than to have to record additional ones for those missed.

            Have a nice day, and keep your visor down when walking toward the sun.

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              PJ Turtle Level 1
              Larry, thank you for your cheerful reply.

              The bad news is that you gave a super answer to a problem that is not the one I need help with.

              In the scrolling-captures I am trying to make, the mouse pointer is not on the screen at all.

              I begin the movie, grab the scroll-bar and as gently and smoothly as I am humanly able, pull the bar down. No matter how carefully I do this I still get a choppy and un-even animation. It may well be the limits of my mousing that I needs help with. Captivate is probably capturing the movements I make, but it is not smooth enough for my liking and I am looking for a technique to help me get a better capture. I have experimented with auto scrolling ad-ins for the browser but for one reason or other I am unable to make a solution work with any of these I have found.

              Your help is appreciated.

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                PJ Turtle Level 1
                Here is some more insight into my problem.

                Internet Explorer 7 has a feature that lets you auto-scroll by pressing then manipulating the central mouse wheel. Depending on how far you pull the arrow thingie down, the speed of the auto scroll is determined.

                But captivate does not recognize the resulting screen movement as something that wants to be animated -- it simply makes a still image.

                I have gotten something liike what I am trying to achieve by making an AVI movie using snagit of the screen motion. Since this is a real full featured movie, the speed and movement are captured. I can then import the avi movie into Captivate if I want to do that.

                But it seems like there should be some way to work with the Captivate technology to get a nice smooth moving scrolling motion, rather than relying on my creaky mousing or another program such as Techsmith's product.

                Does this help you help? Thanks.
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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi PJ Turtle

                  Are you using Captivate 2? If so, have you looked at the following option?

                  Click Options > Recording Options... > Full Motion Recording tab. Once there, see if you have a check mark in the following option:

                  * Automatically use full motion capture for mouse wheel actions

                  Hopefully this helps... Rick
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                    PJ Turtle Level 1
                    Yes, I am using 2 and this is the setting I am using.
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                      PJ Turtle Level 1
                      I figured out the answer to my question

                      1. Begin a recording
                      2. Initiate auto scrolling at the speed you want -- my mouse will auto scroll when I press on the scrolling wheel
                      3. Press the F9 key to initiate a full motion recording
                      4. Press the F10 key to stop when done.

                      Especailly if the scroll is quite slow, it gives a smooth, professional movement down the screen being captured.