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    edited themes re-rated?

    Boyd Wiebe
      Do the themes get re-rated if I edit my own themes? It seems they keep their rating even though they have changed.
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi Boyd,
          Thanks for the post. I'll look into this, stay tuned.

          Since kuler is new, we're always curious how people are using it. If I can I ask, why edit a rated theme-- why not keep it as is and make a copy of it to edit? Or are you iterating on it and it gets rated during that time? Other reason? :-)

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            Boyd Wiebe Level 1
            I'm curious to see what tweaking a theme to more traditional standards of color theory would do to it's rating and it just seemed more intuitive than making a copy. I believe this site could become one of my greatest tools. I'm experimenting with color themes for my own site right now and finding kuler a huge help. It will give me a more global perspective to popular color themes for my creations.
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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Hi again,
              Ah, an experiment... interesting. Thanks for sharing. We're so pleased that you find kuler useful. Speaking of a global perspective, it's been a kick to see how universal the language of color is. Our del.icio.us tags and traffic are in a multitude of languages.