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    Error Message:  Invalid argument

      Where is the definition of the "Invalid Argument"? Is it just generic for "That won't work"?

      When I add the following url attribute code: "?fuseaction=test"
      to change this:
      <cfinclude template="../topStoryDisplay/index.cfm">

      To this:
      <cfinclude template="../topStoryDisplay/index.cfm?fuseaction=test">

      the site goes from working to returning the error message: "Invalid Argument"

      I've done this same kind of thing before I don't remember ever having problems like this. I think it should be very simple
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          Daverms Level 3

          Try defining your template url as a xfa entry in your circuit and then include that through <cfinclude> tag that will work.
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            bushoncrack Level 1
            I tried to implement your suggestions and it didn't work.

            do I define the fuseaction in the circuits.cfm file? Is this the syntax:

            <cfset attributes.XFA.test = "test">

            following from that would this work:

            <cfinclude template="../topStoryDisplay/index.cfm?fuseaction=#attributes.XFA.test#">

            Problem is that when I look at the pattern of how the requests are being set in the circuits file I don't think this is as straightforward as what I've typed above, and my first attempt to implement it did not work.
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              Daverms Level 3
              Since your request to include the tempate seems having a raw value after the fuseaction variable as <cfinclude template="../topStoryDisplay/index.cfm?fuseaction=#attributes.XFA.test#">

              Try putting this <cfinclude> tag inside a <cfoutput> block.. That may work..
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                Charlie Griefer Level 1
                <cfinclude> does not accept querystring variables. there's really no need... since you're just including the code into the current page, set a variable on the page.


                <cfset fuseaction = "test" />
                <cfinclude template="../topStory/Display/Index.cfm" />

                you don't need to pass a value to the included template since you're pulling the included template into your current page. just set the variable on the current page.