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    Default object style isn't applied

    OsakaWebbie Level 1

      I'm using InDesign CS6 on Windows 7. I have a newsletter I lay out quarterly, which contains a lot of photos. I always want my photos to use a particular Object Style, and in the Object Styles pane -> Default Graphic Frame Style, I have confirmed that the style I want is set as the default. But when I drag in each new photo (or use File->Place), it always starts as "[none]+", meaning no style selected but only some overrides. I have no idea where it's getting the idea to do that, and selected the style every time is getting tiresome over the years. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This is a long-standing bug. The None style is hard-coded, apparently, to the frame tool so normal selected object styles are never applied when placing or drawing a frame.


          There is an undocumented feature added in CS4 (and it still worked up to CS6 -- haven't checked in newer versions) that partially fixes this. If you create an object style called Place Gun Frame it will be applied to new frames created while placing (but not to new frames you draw first). http://indesignsecrets.com/applying-an-object-style-when-placing-an-image.php

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            OsakaWebbie Level 1

            Wow, how freaky is that! Yes, I can confirm that the quirk still exists in CS6 (even Japanese CS6, which is more precisely what I have) - I changed the name of my favorite Object Style to "Place Gun Frame", and my next placed photo indeed used it! Of course that name is not at all intuitive, but it's an improvement over fighting the default.


            CS4 was released in 2008 - in all that time they haven't fixed this bug? I'm on Creative Cloud, so I could run InDesign CC (I don't know if they fixed this bug in that version or not), but when I tried it a while ago it had other bugs with how it handled old CS2 files, so I downgraded to CS6 at least for now.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              You misunderstood the time frame. The bug has been there since version 1.0 (long before Object styles). The workaround was introduced in CS4. In theory all the code was re-written for CC, but I have no idea if they fixed that (I suspect not, but like you, I don't use it, for a variety of reasons including bugginess and a moral objection to the subscription software model).

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                OsakaWebbie Level 1

                In a general sense I agree with you about subscriptions, and I resisted at first. But in the end I had to do what was most practical for me. My use spans the line between groups of Adobe products (both the video area and the print area), which drives up my upgrade prices. And my language preferences vary also - I need to use Japanese InDesign because of vertical-writing features, but anything that isn't strongly text-based I would prefer in English for my own comfort. For years I struggled to understand things like Premiere Pro video effects and Photoshop filters in Japanese because that's what I had, but I realized that if I got CC I could install any program in any language I want. Also, I tended to wait for several major versions before buying upgrades, which was hindering my productivity when I had to work around the lack of newer features. So I bit the bullet.

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                  OsakaWebbie Level 1

                  In case anyone cares, I have just confirmed that the bug and undocumented workaround are both still valid in InDesign CC2015. I'm glad the workaround still works, but it's sad that the bug is still there in what was supposed to be a totally rewritten release.